The last breath

I have given All my life to grow you up my child I have seen you cry i tried to make you smile I failed many times i was not always there on time when you needed me but I always gave you the time you needed from my life I taught you how to walk I gave my blood to see you rise I heard your first word I helped you with your first crush I saw you smile I made you cry
Your mom always believed in you since the day you born until the day she died in believing you will come back for us after we gave you some time You know they feed us daily once rearly twice but we were fine the medicen they gave us was expiring by the time its fine they found your mom's body in morning with your picture of simle
It's my time now we just wanted to see you smile and wanted to listen our grandchildrens first cry we wanted to tell them your childhood stories and make ourselfs cry i miss the day when you made your mom smile and the day you left us here in this old age home in our old age to live our remaining life I wish I could rewind the time but
It is my last breath now i want you to be happy and not end up like us i know there is a karma but I wish my child your children don't do what you did to our life's i wish you a ha.....

By The Entertainer

I am here to entertain

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