Poem to be murdere by-(unity)

I might pray 5 times in a day because that teaches me how to respect every one in a same way. I might wake up early at 6 Am in the morning and go to the temple and join my hands and put my head on my finger tips and close my eyes and pray to survive this catoic waves you got a learn to spread love instead of hate even though you write hate for yourself its still stays the same. Everyone hates school on Sundays but I will go every Sunday morning to listen to the word of god and pray that he save us from the Satanic ways.
This is the month of pride my prayer are with every brother and sister in this community to stay safe. Its a shame you have to build a community to protect yourself from the trolling eye of hate. Your similar to us in all kind the only difference is your choice but its alright there is no need to hide everything going to be alright please enjoy this month with pride and we are with all our LGBTQ+ community brother and sisters with a smile
Even though we are in a pandemic people still were killed for lot of reasons in the name of race and religion may they get peace in heaven
I use to watch people talking about racial differences and now i know that why there are just talks and no differences that have been made I just pray that the ill gets the justice so the infection (cough) of race can be erase
We are to scared to stop the difference we love to share the hatred this is our meaning of unity but don't worry the table always turns and I am equipped with my weapons to feed you the truth with my gun
(hey what are you doing are you crazy)
(put that gun away) gun shot
digging sounds

By The Entertainer

I am here to entertain

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