Poem to be murdere by – (reader)

You read to gain knowledge or
To entertain brain cells to bring peace of mind to pleasure your heart rates but instead this days i feel like you like others content for likes on your content this becoming a circle for recognition what matters is you don't read it and he does the same for your content you sign a contract not to understand the true meaning of a content. writer for a reader is a soulmate to suggest and give motivation to write further but if you just want recognition sell your soul to a demon you will be a shining star in a day and then burning in the hell for ages

We all are writers here but we all forgot the part of reading because a writer is the first reader and readers opinion is the word of inspiration for the writer. Nice become a common term even i can't escape it but I sometimes give my opinion by understanding the meaning of the words that you wrote amazing is not the opinion criticism and counter opinions are the fun race you need to understand the meaning of the words from the writer and call him out for wrong and praise him for theright
Its easy to get a like this days just follow a random person and like his quote just to get like back because your words aren't good enough to attract the mind of strangers

By The Entertainer

I am here to entertain

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