Moon rise

I was alone in the woods seeing the beauty of the woody limb
It was getting dim because the lights of sky are fading I saw the sun falling
The night has began the moon has rise
I hear a houl of a wolf I look around it was a dark wood i ran for my life i thought is there any chance to survive
There was a pack standing to devour my soul they surrounded me to eat my throat one grab my leg others came for my face i tried to run i cried for help no one to hear and the moon smile they ate the flash of my leg I saw a man in the darkness the wolves ran away he came to me i thought he wants to safe me but he ate me i woke up and saw my bones he has eaten me all my eyes where in his mouth the blood drips from his mouth I knew it was a end i look around as a soul i knew i was not the only one there were more bones laying like a lamp

By The Entertainer

I am here to entertain

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