You were born for a mission to live life like a legend. 
You were sended as a gift to protect your loved ones from the Satan.
You were given dreams to fulfil your goals bring the light to the darkest moon let step on the Satan's wound.
You were created by two souls now it's your destiny to end there darkness by lighting the lanterns of soul.

You are in mid of mission with lots of distraction you have to choose the path or else you will end up in arm of Satan
You are the guardian of the once you love protecting the souls from every evil end of the devils road.
You are in the nightmare to escape from the darkness you need to rise after the moon just remember you can't escape the wound
You are the shield of your creators they saved you from the darkest light
Now you protect them from the Satan's eye's

You will become the mightiest warrior to escape the darkest sight of the Satan's eye's
You will become the knight for your loved once to protect them from the harmful path of the Satan's light
You will achieve your dreams when you escape brightest lies
You will bring your creators life from the darkest night to brightest skies..

By The Entertainer

I am here to entertain

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